• Product specification :best quality of Indian Banana We can supply to any part of the world in very large quantity. Our bananas are of very good quality and have no black spots on them. We welcome customers around the world to buy bananas from us and we will be ready to supply anywhere. Our bananas come from well maintained farms in India and our bananas have a very high nutritional value. If you need to buy from us, kindly let us know your quantity needed, port of destination, variety and packaging.

packing : packed in 13kg, 14kg, 18.65kg, 20kg net, vacuum pack multi color carton boxes with inner polyethylene cover and poly foam dividers

PACKING 13.50 KG NET / Carton

Ordering quantity 2 X 40’ containers per week

Delivery 10 days lead time on Freight to collect basis.

No. of cartons 1575 per 40’ HC reefer container

Origin : India

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The banana is a very popular edible fruit. It is produced by different types of large herbaceous and high point flowering plants all over the world. In almost all countries, bananas are consumed by the people. Bananas can be used in fruit salad and it is very nutritious good for health. …

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