Over the past 12 years, we have built a unique business model that can service all of your organization’s needs whether you are a small, growing business or a member of the Fortune 500.

We conduct and manage national and international portfolios of clientele. We successfully pioneered the company model into a commissioned account management. Reliably your account will be managed by a team of highly trained professionals.

TMS GLOBAL SOLUTION provides services to clients in need of promoting, branding, advertising and marketing their company or company products globally.


“Our team can help your brand find its ideal voice nationally and internationally. Through strategic planning, we can ensure the right audience will hear it”



We can help you market your products, new ideas and entities nationally and internationally by providing:


“We wield the power of the printed word for your brand getting your message globallyby using social media.”


“We also provide promotional marketing with expertise in branding, re-branding, sourcing, and production of branded merchandise.”

“Our Dubai and Dallas-based offices features a great team of the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and talented people in the promotional products industry.”