About Us

About Us

TMS GLOBAL SOLUTION is the Commodities as an extension of a major world trader’s company Inc. We are an established firm with global expertise spanning more than 12 years servicing the global markets. Following on from TMS success in United States the company quickly expands into the Gulf region in 2016.

The company has an exclusive international portfolio, having made investments in a number of countries including United States, Canada, China, Vietnam, Mexico, UAE, India and Brazil.

TMS has throughout the years developed different trading that are today successful businesses. We respond decisively to market trends to ensure investors; developers and customers receive the best possible advice.

TMS is renowned in the global market for establishing a long-term relationship with the domestic and overseas clients and possessing a squad of experienced experts that aim to ensure the business success in a shorter span of time.

Commodities are highly leveraged markets and it is important to understand the inherent risks involved in trading. Losses can exceed your initial investment.


OUR CLIENTS can have direct access to trade products as Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Milk Powder, fruits, vegetables, crude oil, sunflower oil, heating oil, natural gas, unleaded gasoline, and other fuel options. Our presence on the global market by gathering information expands the opportunity to obtain the most competitive markets price.

TMS GLOBAL is a Dubai insured and Licensed Trading Firm staffed with Professional Executive Traders whose ability to observe, report and react to market conditions is unparalleled. Our portfolio includes a unique diversity of asset-backed investments to suit different investment profiles, financial aims and budgets.

Some investments require active involvement from you.

All our investment products share a common denominator – they are all, without exception, strategic investments with the potential for strong growth and sustainable returns. The TMS trademark – absolute transparency and due diligence – is guaranteed.



TMS Company is the ultimate matchmaker worldwide for importers and exporters utilizing established international distribution networks to receive the latest international trade needs. With agents offices and representatives all across the globe we make all your importing & exporting transactions needs a snap. We are committed to long lasting business relationships based on reliable, timely, and cost effective service. We believe that in complex export & import transaction where buyers and sellers are ocean apart, nothing is more important than a trading partner on whom you can depend on.

Our ultimate aim and commitment is to create value for our partner’s inquiries and expectations by providing consistent quality products and services.


TMS COMPANY is unique in that it owns every investment product it offers to investors. This philosophy of investing in the product ourselves is unusual in the investment world, but one that ensures our clients receive strategic assets with solid and proven investment potential and the peace of mind that we ourselves have invested. In the rare instance where we market an asset on behalf of a developer rather than making personal investment, we insist that the product complies with the same set of criteria as if we were investing our own funds.